On Being Mistaken, PANK May 2018 [order here]

Poems In Print:

to be a dreamer, PANK 2017

Poems Online:

because you matter because you're worth it because..., NightBlock 2017 (forthcoming)

tonight is yabrak, Cosmonauts Avenue 2017 

finding nature in the city, DUM DUM Zine 2017

i'm totally and completely some stuff at salvation army, Lambda Literary 2017

St. Rays, Apogee 2017

a foreign couple, Phoebe 2017

for the procedure that you need in the u.s.a., Metatron 2017 

environments building..., Reality Beach 2017 

to be a dreamer you have to change the way you relate to objects, Reality Beach 2017 

an unrooted body, Reality Beach 2017 

what does gender got to do with a table, Red Paint Hill Publishing 2017

november 9 2016, Yes Poetry 2016

A is for Apples, Prelude 2016

on being mistaken for my girlfriend’s brother at the wash and fold, Public Pool 2016

when my mom gets asked about her son, Public Pool 2016

a man's job, Yes Poetry 2016

i hesitate, The Seventh Wave 2016

1:15pm, Potluck 2016 

Function, Potluck 2016

Green Screen, Potluck 2016

Primal, Word Riot 2016

Mid-, Word Riot 2016

there's a movement, Entropy 2016  

From Across The Street, Nourrir 2016

In Drag, FORTH 2015

Operating a Blimp, FORTH 2015 

Hanging In Your Living Room, FORTH 2015 

You Are A Rebel, FORTH 2015

Articles Online:

How Slam Poets Have Made The Word "Female" More Inclusive, Bustle 2016 

Whiskey Women, Nourrir 2016

Patriotism, Nourrir 2016

Stockholm, Sweden: The City That Gets It Right, Cook Travel 2016

Prague Without The Pork, Prague Wandering 2013


On Being Mistaken, Honorable Mention New Delta Review Chapbook Contest judged by Douglas Kearney, NDR 2017

what does gender got to do with a tableCosmonauts Avenue's Poetry Prize, Judged by Eileen Myles, Longlist, 2017

Featured Writer:

March 10, 2008, Handwritten Work 2017

#RESIST Chapbook, Yes Poetry 2017

Strike That!: 11 Poets Erasure The Same Poem, FORTH 2015